Query, Need help for building principal and retrieving service cred from cache.

Greg Hudson ghudson at mit.edu
Mon Nov 26 12:17:16 EST 2018

On 11/26/2018 06:30 AM, Santosh Kumar wrote:
>   i'm getting crash:
> (gdb) bt
> #0  0xf7673f60 in krb5_principal_compare_flags (context=0xa449930,
> princ1=0x0, princ2=0xa444ab0, flags=0) at princ_comp.c:108
> #1  0xf7674183 in krb5_principal_compare (context=0xa449930, princ1=0x0,
> princ2=0xa444ab0) at princ_comp.c:169
> #2  0xf764f1ec in standard_fields_match (context=0xa449930, whichfields=0,
> mcreds=0xfff48dc8, creds=0xfff48ba0) at cc_retr.c:67

You need to set a client principal in the matching cred.  Heimdal allows 
searching for just the server principal, but MIT's library does not.

>   should i use  code = krb5int_construct_matching_creds(context, options,
> in_creds,  &mcreds, &fields); before calling retrive from cache.

That's an internal function (as indicated by the "int" in the prefix), 
so you can't use it in an application.

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