krb5_k_decrypt fails with KRB5_BAD_MSIZE

Ashi1986 vermaashish_mca at
Mon Nov 27 07:35:24 EST 2017

Hi All , 

This is my setup . 

windows 10 64 bit 
windows 2008 R2 server AD and KDC . 
BS2000 with MIT kerberos 1.15.1 

while handling Kerberos ticket function, krb5_k_decrypt
[lib/crypto/krb/decrypt.c], returns with KRB5_BAD_MSIZE.

below condition gets failed:
if (output->length < plain_len)
        return KRB5_BAD_MSIZE;

output->length is fixed value 2048 and plain_len is decided at run time, in
our scenario plain_len becomes 2207;

In case Windows server 2012 R2 is used as KDC then above condition not

is there any specific settings or configuration is required on windows
server 2008 R2, by which above condition could pass.

Any help would be appreciated !!! 

Thanks & Regards 

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