Does KRB5_TRACE logging ever print sensitive info? (like passwords)

Greg Hudson ghudson at
Thu Jun 22 01:00:36 EDT 2017

On 06/21/2017 11:03 PM, pratyush parimal wrote:
> I have experimented with kerberos trace logging in a test environment with
> commands like kinit, kadmin, and other programmatic calls to GSSAPI and
> never came across passwords or anything sensitive printed in the trace log.
> It mainly showed me what TGT requests were being made and who was the
> library sending requests to ( which is mainly what I wanted to know for
> debugging purposes). But I wanted to know if it could potentially print
> something sensitive that could lead to an account compromise or something
> comparable.

I don't believe we ever print passwords or full keys.  We sometimes
print a small (four bytes of hex) SHA-1 hash of a key that someone could
match against the trace output of a different process.

The material in a trace log might be considered sensitive by some
definitions (filenames, principal names, etc.), but to the best of my
knowledge it shouldn't lead directly to account compromise.

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