Kerberos failed with krb5krb_AP_ERR_ BAD_INTEGRITY

Ashi1986 vermaashish_mca at
Thu Jun 1 09:23:37 EDT 2017

>>Consider using msktutil(1), it does a very good job with the Active

After creating the keytab file by using the KTPASS command, keytab file is
added in BS2000 machine and connection test becomes successful for
encryption types RC4_HMAC_NT, AES128-SHA1, AES256-SHA1, DES_CBC_CRC and

But the connection test for encryption type DES_CBC_CRC and DES_CBC_MD5
becomes successful without adding the keytab file in BS2000.

can you please suggest what settings need to be done in order to perform the
connection test for encryption type RC4_HMAC_NT, AES128-SHA1 and AES256-SHA1
without adding the KEYTAB file in BS2000.

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