fd (file descriptor) leak in replay cache

Parity error bootup32 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 20 02:11:06 EDT 2017


We have been using the kerberos 1.10.3 library and we find that
occasionally a lot of the following files are kept open by the library
and they fill up the fd limit of the process,

lsof output
myproc 8777 nutanix  254u   REG       9,1       7048    537432
/var/tmp/krb5_RCWZN1Er (deleted)
myproc 8777 nutanix  255u   REG       9,1      19059    537404
/var/tmp/krb5_RCijDPtN (deleted)
myproc 8777 nutanix  256u   REG       9,1      19059    537404
/var/tmp/krb5_RCijDPtN (deleted)

Is there any fd leak that has been fixed since ?

- Gautham

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