elliptic curve pkinit?

Bob McElrath bob at vidaidentity.com
Mon Apr 3 11:24:01 EDT 2017

We are using MIT Kerberos with PKINIT using certificates using the secp256k1 curve.  It works fine.  I believe the certificates can be signed with any elliptic curve that openssl knows how to verify.

Internally the MIT implementation uses ephemeral Diffie-Hellman on RSA.  Perhaps that is what Greg meant with his "no" answer?
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> Has MIT kerberos implemented pkinit with elliptic curve certs/keys?  Some initial searching points me to an informational ietf RFC posted out there, but nothing official.

FWIW, in the ARPA2 project we're working on Realm Crossover (based on
DANE/DNSSEC) which uses ECDHE.  The protocol is almost compatible with
PKINIT, but not quite on account of a technicality (no tickets in the
reply).  The work leaves openings for client-to-KDC access, but doesn't
fill them in.


A glimpse at upcoming software (and the earlier PoC) are on

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