Function krb5_rc_close not declared

Greg Hudson ghudson at
Fri Oct 30 23:26:53 EDT 2015

On 10/30/2015 06:11 PM, Milan Ševčík wrote:
> During maintenance update of our very old tool I found out, that the 
> function krb5_rc_close is not declared in any public header. Using macro 
> krb5_x in the same way as it is used by that function is also 
> impossible, since the structure krb5_rcache is not defined.
> I would just like to know, if any rcache handling is being considered 
> deprecated, or if it was just omitted by mistake in the time the headers 
> were refactored.

The rcache functions have been non-public since krb5 1.2.2.  (More
precisely, they were placed inside an #if KRB5_PRIVATE block in 1.2.2,
and removed from krb5.h in 1.4.)

(There is a glaring and ancient inconcistency in that
krb5_get_server_rcache() and krb5_auth_con_getrcache() are public, but
there are no public interfaces to do anything with them, and for
krb5_get_server_rcache() there is no way to free the result.  For the
moment, it's probably best to pretend that they aren't public functions.)

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