Dear mit, could you help me with this problem in kerbero verson 1.10.7,ths!

Huangshiyou huangshiyou at
Wed May 27 22:21:56 EDT 2015

Dear Mit:
I found that in Kebreros core code.if first request reach kadmin process,but return to kdc after 1 second, kdc will send the same request to the other kadmind process.(in my environment, two Kerberos servers work as double active mode)
But actually, first request was processed Successfully, then the other kadmind will reject the the same request. These caused error in Kerberos client when I run "kinit user".

I wonder why timeout between kdc and kadmind can not config in somewhere else?? Or the duration(first request 1 second ,second request 2 seconds) can not be changed for some special reasons??

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