new msktutil release candidate (v1.0rc1)

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Sun May 3 08:55:37 EDT 2015

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Hi all,

we are pleased to announce the first release candidate of msktutil 1.0.

Msktutil is a program for interoperability with Active Directory. It
creates user or computer accounts in Active Directory, creates
Kerberos keytabs on Unix/Linux systems, adds and removes principals to
and from keytabs and changes the user or computer account's password.

New project home:

  Google's project hosting will be closed. We decided
  to move to sourceforge:


  The Git repository is available at:


  You can download tarballs from:


  This is a release candidate. Please report any problems that may
  have been introduced during development in the issue tracker:


Changes from previous release:

  User-visible changes:
  - New cleanup mode: remove old keytab entries based on time stamp or
    encryption type [Ticket #32]
  - New command line syntax: modes (i.e. create, update, ..)  can be
    given on the command line without leading dashes (--create,
    --update is still working).
  - New option "-n": disable reverse lookups on client hostname
    [Ticket #50]
  - Restructured manual page

  LDAP-related Changes
  - set LDAP_OPT_X_SASL_SSF_MIN to 56 [Ticket #36]
  - Restore compatibility with OpenLDAP 2.3 [Ticket #38]
  - disable LDAPS [Ticket #46]
  - Re-factor msktldap.cpp [Ticket #53]

  Build-related changes:
  - AIX does not compile std::lower [Ticket #42]
  - Compiler Error on AIX com_err.h needs extern "C" [Ticket #35]
  - Add support for udns dns resolver library (--with-udns)
  - Many fixes for memory management

Other changes from the previous release:
  - New work flow for keytab updates
  - Avoid endless recursion in set_password due to slow replication
    [Ticket #40]
  - fixed permission problems with --upn [Ticket #47]
  - Add compatibility for keytabs that have been created by other
    tools [Ticket #48]

Thanks to everyone who contributed to 1.0rc1 (bug reports, fixes, or

Ken Dreyer has stepped down as a maintainer on the project.  We would
like to say thank you to him and the other former maintainers
recognized in the README (James Knight, Doug Engert, Brian Elliott
Finley, Dan Perry).

- - Olaf Flebbe,
- - Mark Pröhl

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