question about MIT kpasswd and RPCSEC_GSS

Tom Yu tlyu at
Wed Jan 21 18:41:21 EST 2015

Will Fiveash <will.fiveash at> writes:

> Thanks, I was looking through some older notes I made about this and the
> code and felt I had entered a maze of twisty passages that all looked
> alike.  Anyway (to make sure I'm clear) it's my understanding that MIT
> back in 1.4 added support for kadmin/kadmind communication via
> RPCSEC_GSS which made MIT kadmin compatible with Solaris kadmind.  My
> notes on this also implied that the MIT kpasswd was updated to use
>    MIT supports a SET_CHANGE protocol for changing password.  In 1.4
>    they added support for our RPCSEC_GSS protocol.
> It could be that I was mistaken about this which prompted my earlier
> question.

I think there was a src/kadmin/passwd directory that we deleted in 2009
that contained the OV*Secure RPC password-changing client, but it might
not have ever been installed by "make install".  I haven't worked out
what release that change would have landed in.

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