NT hashes in krb5

Zaid Arafeh zarafeh at live.com
Tue Jan 20 00:08:15 EST 2015

Hello Greg and all,

I have the krbtgt password now.. I reset the password and using a manually entered one (beauty of a lab)

I want to create a a TGT in  ASN1 format. I have a tool that creates custom tickets  for Windows (metasploit), it takes three parameters
1- rc4 hash of krbtgt password
2- domain SID, or security identifier
3- principal name

My questions are
1- are there structural differences between MS tickets and MIT tickets? I tried putting a windows Kerberos ticket in /tmp/ after renaming it and got a format error when I ran klist
2- by putting the ticket in the client's /tmp/ am I properly injecting it in cache?
3-  If there are differences in asn.1 formatting, what's the best way to modify the ticket to ensure compatibility
4- is it trivial to create a Kerberos ticket from scratch, given that i have all principle secrets?

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On 01/19/2015 02:24 AM, Zaid Arafeh wrote:
> If I have the K/M key (which is in the database) and I have the password
> for the master key, would that make extracting hashes from the database
> easier?

It is possible but not convenient; you would have to write code to do
the decryption.

> I looked at the keytab file (thnx) , unfortunately keytab files usually
> don't store the krbtgt key (which is what I am looking for )

Nothing stops you from extracting a krbtgt key to a keytab.  It is true
that people do not usually store krbtgt keys in keytabs--but krbtgt keys
are also not normally NT hashes; they are normally random and do not
correspond to any password.

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