Cannot contact any KDC for real 'TR.LAB' while getting initial credentials

Zaid Arafeh zarafeh at
Sat Jan 17 01:06:27 EST 2015

I'd like your help please
BackgroundI stood up a test Kerberos KDC with hostname kdc, I can get tickets locally on the kdc itself and I can run kadmin successfully. firewall is disabled on KDCI stood up a host named CLI, I sync'ed the krb5.conf from the KDC. I added the IP address for kdc in the /etc/hosts file and /etc/resolv.conf and I am able to ping the KDC
ProblemWhen I run kinit or kadmin on the client,  I get the following error "Cannot contact any KDC for real 'TR.LAB' while getting initial credentials"I tried this from multiple hosts that have krb5.conf sync'ed same problem
here are snaptshots of my config (question follows)


Could the fact that Im running single label hosts (not FQDN) be the cause?What could be the problem if Im able to reach the KDC by all other means (SCP, Ping etc)


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