krb5-1.12.1 and client keytab file squidmobile at
Wed May 28 18:48:33 EDT 2014

28 may 2014


the client keytab looks very interesting.  however, this small
blurb lists almost all i could find about it in the docs:

  Default client keytab

  The default client keytab is used, if it is present and readable,
  to automatically obtain initial credentials for GSSAPI client
  applications. The principal name of the first entry in the client
  keytab is used by default when obtaining initial credentials. The
  name of the default client keytab is determined by the following,
  in decreasing order of preference:

    The KRB5_CLIENT_KTNAME environment variable.
    The default_client_keytab_name profile variable in [libdefaults].
    The hardcoded default, DEFCKTNAME.

i could not find any substantial docs on how to set up this
feature and how to use it.  my test guesses went nowhere.

any comments?  any more docs somewhere?

thank you for your time and assistance
frank smith

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