ccin2p3 puppet-remctl 2.0.0 released

Rémi Ferrand remi.ferrand at
Fri May 16 06:54:34 EDT 2014

CC-IN2P3 is pleased to announce release 2.0.0 of its puppet module for 

- Changes from previous release:

	* Fixed duplicate resource declaration when client is included before 
server (
	* Fixed bug leading krb5_keytab to be ignored when specified.

- New features

	* Enforce common interface and introduce the|ensure|parameter for all 
classes that allows one to cleanup classes, packages, commands and acls.
	* Add more xinetd security restriction options to remctl 
xinetd::service (xinetd bind and no_access).

- Incompatibility with previous version

	* Enforcing parameter ensure to all classes requires us to rename old 
parameters (package_ensure and so on).
	* In remctl::server::command, parameter acls is now mandatory (old 
behavior was irrelevant).
	* In remctl::server, parameter manage_group was removed. Group is now 
managed only if manage_user is set to ̀true.

You can obtain it from the puppet forge ::

Please let us know of any problems or feature requests using Github 
issue manager (



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