Fail over in krb5.conf to next listed KDC entry?

Todd Grayson tgrayson at
Tue Dec 9 00:20:11 EST 2014

Is there a configurable timeout value that can be set in the krb5.conf to
tell a client how long to wait for a response from a KDC before failing
over to the next listed kdc entry for a specific REALM in the [realms]
section of the krb5.conf?

When looking at
there is no reference to "kdc_timeout" which I've seen previously mentioned
in oracle threads.

Is that kdc_timeout parameter only for sun/oracle's solaris SEAM
implementation of kerberos?

Or is only the java JGSS implementation recognizing this kdc_timeout value?

Or is kdc_timeout a missing parameter within the current (and previous)
krb5.conf documentation for the [libdefaults], and it is supported in the
1.10+ MIT kerberos releases?

Thanks in advance.

Todd Grayson
Customer Operations Engineering

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