Kerberos Ticket Renewal

Jegannathan, Dhanabala Singam (ETW) Dhanabala.Jegannathan at
Wed Nov 20 18:24:33 EST 2013

Hi Team,

I am working in NIKE and we are using Kerberos for Hadoop. We have a BI Tool Tableau to connect to Hadoop using Kerberos. We have the setup ready to connect to Hadoop with the help of MIT Kerberos Utility. We need some assistance or understanding of Kerberos password & renewal steps.

Here is the existing process we do

-          We are using windows machine and generating a ticket with WINDOWS COMMAND using "kinit <principle>". Clicking ENTER.

-          After that, the command line asks for a password. Providing the password manually and creating the ticket.

But we want to automate this on our server side. Just by creating a CMD file and executing the script through task scheduler. Here are my couple of questions.

1.       How to supply password to the CMD  file in Windows to create a Kerberos Ticket. Is it Possible ?

2.       I have seen a command called "-R" (Renewable) where I can use like "kinit -R <principle>". This actually renews the ticket. I have noticed that there is a Expiry Period of a ticket. Will this command renews the ticket until the Expiry period of the ticket or this command itself will extend the expiry date while renewing the ticket when the Expiry date is nearing?

3.       How do we use Keytab file in Windows command ?

It would be really helpful for us if we get some details on it.

Thanks in advance!


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