Kerberos Single sign on not working

kannan rbk kannanrbk.r at
Mon May 27 16:02:01 EDT 2013

Dear team,
I am using Kerberos 5. I configured single sign on in ssh. I had a ticket
but I cannot login without password.
I changed "GSSAPIAuthentication yes" in sshd_config and
"GSSAPIAuthentication yes,GSSDelegateCredentials yes" in ssh_config.
Error Trace From "ssh -v"
Cannot connect any kdc server

It's repeated 3 times. In Kerberos server log, it requests TGS request 4
times. I am trying to ssh centos machine from Ubuntu. Kinit is working
fine. I am able to login without password from centos to Ubuntu.

Please help me.

Bharathi Kannan R


Bharathikannan R

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