Kerberos FTP ticket filename

Russ Allbery rra at
Mon May 20 12:46:21 EDT 2013

Tiago Elvas <tiagoelvas at> writes:

> As for the SSH, could you tell me how to accomplish that? In my initial
> attempts I believe I tried to set ccache name and dir but without
> success.

Which Kerberos PAM module are you using?

> The ftp server is vsftpd. Does this help?

vsftpd's source appears to do the right thing.  Try adding debug to the
PAM options line for vsftpd and see what syslog says about what's
happening.  You should see a pam_auth -> pam_setcred -> pam_open_session
sequence at the start and a pam_close_session at the end of the FTP

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