Kerberos error in post processing: Kerberos preauthentication failed

Ambati, Satyanand satyanand.ambati at
Wed May 15 16:28:37 EDT 2013

Hi Team,

We are getting "Kerberos preauthentication failed"

1) mpgw (kerdDemo_MPG): ldap authentication succeeded with (http-basic-auth, username='xxxxx' password='xxxxx'configured-realm='login' )

2) Ticket cache miss; fetching ticket for client 'xxxxx at xxxxx' and server 'ldap/xxxxxxxx at xxxxx'

3) Error :mpgw (kerdDemo_MPG): Kerberos preauthentication failed

4) Kerberos error in post processing: Kerberos preauthentication failed

Event Code 0x81400023 - 
The Kerberos KDC rejected the preauthentication in our service ticket request.

Check that the client keytab is the right keytab for the client. If the KDC is Microsoft Active Directory, make sure that you are using the latest ktpass utility to extract the client keytab. See MS Knowledge Base Article #919557 regarding buggy versions of ktpass that can cause this error.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you, 
Satyanand Ambati 
Middleware Administration 
American General Life Companies 
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On Wed, 15 May 2013, madhuka.babu at wrote:

> Hi Team,
> We are getting an error "Default prinicipal database does not exist" 
> when starting kadmin.

Does a kerberos database already exist on the machine?
strace (or equivalent) should make it quite clear what path is returning 

-Ben Kaduk
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