Constrained Delegation

Greg Hudson ghudson at MIT.EDU
Fri May 3 00:33:44 EDT 2013

On 05/02/2013 07:28 PM, diptivs at wrote:
> My application supports delegation. But as it is using MIT libraries 1.5.3,
> it is failing on constrained delegation configuration for service on Active
> directory.

> I understanding that the constrained delegation support is added from 1.8
> release. Will just upgrading the libraries solve the problem?

I'm not sure how code which links against the 1.5 libraries could be
attempting to do constrained delegation.  I would guess that you'll need
to change the code.

> Also, it would be helpful if someone can refer me to some links which can
> explainn how MIT code handles this to understand internals.

It isn't properly documented yet, but the project page should serve
reasonably well:

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