Password Ldap syncing sergio.conrad at
Wed Mar 20 10:02:15 EDT 2013

I have a problem with password encryption
There is at my work have an already in production ldap directory. The userPassword is 
encrypted in {SSHA}. I am not planning to introduce some modifications into this 
directory, but need the password to create Kerberos Principal.

Is there a possibility to achieve this goal ?

As a subsidiary question :
I a am planning to create a new openldap directory (independant of the first one).
In this directory, it is easy to inject SSHA encrypted password in userPassword attribut.
It is of a use to use smbk5pwd overlay in this case to link with the kerberos password ?
I think it is only working with command like ldappasswd. Is it pointless to sync SSHA 
encrypted password with smbk5pwd .Have somebody got some information for this
(I know smbk5pwd is for HEIMDAL implementation of kerberos)

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