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Pierre Hennebois hennebois at saintjosephtoulouse.org
Mon Dec 9 04:09:16 EST 2013



I am writing this e-mail to have more information about Kerberos


Let me explain my situation:


I develop an extranet for a school (Saint Joseph Toulouse, in France). 

I want that users may need to authenticate only once, because I have
several web applications which need an authentication.

I have three Active Directory (Windows 2003 and 2008) for different
classes of users.

The extranet is a Joomla! website, on a Linux Debian server. The other
applications are on the same server.


I understand that:

-          Kerberos can have several ADs.

-          It is possible to authenticate only once in local, when users
are on a computer that is in the domain, isn't it ?


But if users want to connect to the extranet from their home, does
Kerberos make an error ? And block the manual authentication ?


If Kerberos cannot authenticate users as they are at home:

-          Do they can authenticate themselves on the extranet and
Kerberos works with this authentication and authenticate the users for
the other applications ?

-          Or users had to authenticate themselves once per applications


Thank you for your future answers,




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