How to Kerberize a java service

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The TGS_REP has {Service Ticket} Kservice.

The client receives Service Ticket from TGS encrypted with Application Service private key.  
The Application Service has to be configured (user setup) with the private key (exported ktadd command) and service should use it to decrypt the Service Ticket.

Here is sample ktadd command from

ktadd -k /etc/krb5.keytab -norandkey host/monarch.spinlock.hrRegards,


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Hi All,

We are currently in the process of kerberising Java services but there is a step that is not clear. When the client receives a service ticket and sends it to the service, how does the service verify and decrypt the ticket?From my understanding of the protocol, the service ticket is encrypted using the hash of the service password. Can I produce this hash on the service and use it to decrypt the ticket or is there another standard way of doing this?We use MIT kerberos V5 and the client uses JAAS to login to Kerberos, then writes the ticket to a file which will be sent to the service
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