Integrated Login problem

R. Laatsch a0049 at
Sun Nov 18 04:22:54 EST 2012

Dear all,
there is a problem with Integrated Login here.

This is my setup:
Server: 'slinux.localdomain' (SL58) with AFS cell test.rl and krb5kdc for realm TEST2.RL
(not the standard name).
The Afs version is openafs-1.6.1, the krb5 version is krb5-1.10.3 .
The kdc has entries for the user and afs/test.rl (DES type).

Client: Windows-7 (VirtualBox) with AFS, KfW, NIM installed. Realm set to TEST2.RL
The KfW version is MIT 3.2.2

Login to the Client gives an 'unknown RPC error (-1765328164)' and no AFS token.
Doing manually 'gssklog.exe' (with password), i do get a token.
But there seems to be no 'gssklog Auth Provider' for NIM, that could help circumvent the 
'wrong realm name' problems.
On the linux server after kinit user, aklog -d gets me a working token. 

The realm name was chosen to check out problems under Windows.
I do *NOT* want CrossRealm Authentication.

Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Somewhere I found 'linked cells' mentioned (double named cells in CellServDB), but no hints
to do it correctly. Did someone use this to bypass above problem?

Best regards

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