GSS-API error deleting large number of principals

Mike Friedman mikef at
Sun Nov 4 23:27:36 EST 2012


I have a perl program that uses *Auth::Krb5::Admin* to talk to the KDC
for admin functions.  In particular, to add or delete principals.  It
almost always works perfectly.  However, now I find that if I try to
delete a large number of principals, even with a delay of 1 second
between each delete, I  occasionally get a return code of 46 from the
KDC, which corresponds to error message "GSS-API (or Kerberos) error". 
In the KDC logs, I see the following:

    check_rpcsec_auth: failed inquire_context, stat=786432
     Authentication attempt failed:, GSS-API error
    strings are:
         The referenced context has expired
         Unknown error
        GSS-API error strings complete.
    authentication attempt failed:, RPC authentication
    flavor 6

This has been happening only when I've been deleting over about 3500
principals.  Most of the time, and even with as many as 3300 principals,
the problem hasn't occurred.

I should say the the code establishes a new kadmin connection and
obtains a new Kerberos context, for each transaction, using the
connection handle as the basis for object references that correspond to
the admin function, in this case delete_principal.  After each
transaction succeeds or fails, the Kerberos context is dropped.

Does the above ring any bells?  What conditions might cause this problem?



Mike Friedman
mikef at

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