Kerberos and smbclient (and nsupdate)

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Wed Jan 18 09:23:41 EST 2012



I have the following setup:


1 * Windows 2008 R2 Domain Controller

1 User (bill)

1 share on the Domain Controller (bill has Full Control in both the
share permissions and the ordinary user permissions).

1 Linux server (Redhat 5.2)


On the Windows server I have used ktpass and generated a keytab file.
This keytab file has then been transferred (via ftp) to the Linux

On the Linux server I have run the kinit -f -t-k program and received a
Kerberos ticket (klist shows the ticket in the cache).


On the linux server I run smbclient //computer/share; it prompts me for
the password for user bill and then logs onto the share.


However, if I use smbclient -k //computer/share I get the message "tree
connect failed: NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED".


Please note that my original intention was to use Kerberos to
authenticate for nsupdate -g commands but I have been sidetracked as
'nsupdate -g' returns a TSIG error.


Can anyone tell me what I have done wrong?




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