PKINIT support in MIT Kerberos : are enhancements planned ?

Tom Yu tlyu at MIT.EDU
Wed Jan 4 15:31:51 EST 2012

Matthieu Hautreux <matthieu.hautreux at> writes:

> I discussed this topic on the krbdev mailing list last month but did
> not get feedback from the main developpers of MIT kerberos. So, I try
> again on the general mailing list in case it could be a better place
> to put such a message.

Thanks for your interest.  Having read your more specifically worded
restatement of your feature request, I think that we can now more
meaningfully evaluate it.  The krbdev list would be the right place to
review it, so I will respond to the more technical points there.


> I would like to know if these 2 features are planned in a future
> version of MIT kerberos. If it is not the case, I would be pleased to
> know how I could participate in such an addition and the person I must
> contact for that purpose.

We currently have no plans to implement those features.  We are always
open to suggestions for features for new releases, especially if
you're willing to help with the implementation.  Backporting features
to older releases can be resource-intensive, and we don't usually do
it without a really good reason.

> I have seen that it exists a "MIT kerberos consortium", perhaps I
> should try to contact them to discuss such an evolution ?

gives some information about joining the Consortium.  Anyone may
propose changes to the MIT Kerberos software, through our project

or more informally through the krbdev mailing list.  Major Sponsors
have priority input into how the Consortium allocates its development

Tom Yu
Development Team Leader
MIT Kerberos Consortium

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