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Thu Jan 20 10:42:36 EST 2011

Hello List !

This is my first post to your list , pls be a little bit patient.....

Now the problem:

We have a 2 node linux cluster with one VIP to the LAN , configured with the LVS toolset. All works pretty well, but authentication is becomming a horror story. In the test phase I used only one linux node to setup kerberos authentication against AD DomainServer. No problem, but when I startet to implement that approach to the cluster environment show was over.

I googled and googled without any real progress.

My aim is the following:

We have apache running on both clusternodes , authentication is made by mode_auth_kerb module , as I said in a single node environment that works like a charm , but I totally fail to enable kerberos if the cluster is activated. There is to poor documentation on that issue, maybe that wouldnt work anyway.

On the AD I run ktpass.exe as explained in the howtos , I tried to merge the keytabs , but no success at all.

Hope there are some gurus on the list who could lead me the right direction, or can definitely say "that doesnt work"

Best Regards   Martin  Schreiber

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