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Dan Searle dan.searle at
Wed Sep 30 05:23:09 EDT 2009


I'm new to Kerberos and don't fully appreciate it's complexities so 
please excuse my ignorance.

I'm using msktutil to create a service principal for authenticating 
users of a squid proxy server with Active Directory (server version 2008 
R2) using the Negotiate (Kerberos) method.

This all works fine, however I'm at a loss as to whether I should be or 
need to periodically refresh (update) the HTTP service principal keytab.

I have had some instances where the keytab generated by msktutil 
seemingly works indefinably (for days at a time) without the need to 
refresh the keytab. However, in other instances (different AD servers), 
after a while (a few hours or days) the authentication stops working and 
I have to refresh (update) the keytab using msktutil again. In the 
failed instances, I use the squid negotiate auth test program, then run 
the token through the squid helper process and I get an error similar 
to: Token header is malformed or corrupt.

Why is this? Should the service principal keys in a keytab file last 
forever? What settings in AD would effect this?

Regards, Dan...


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