Network Security Protocol like Kerberos

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>> Subject: Network Security Protocol like Kerberos

>> Hi All,
>> I have a simple question regarding Kerberos. Is there any Network Security
>> Protocol like Kerberos? If yes please give some examples.
>> --

You may need to be specific about the term "network".

If you are looking for a plain IP layer (layer 3) pair-wise authentication
protocol there is IKE (for IPsec) and some password based protocols that can
be used at the IP layer (e.g. CHAP).

If you are looking at layer-2 and "layer 2.5", there is a whole
slew of pair-wise "authentication protocols" that are enveloped
within the EAP protocol (as EAP-methods).
Examples: EAP-TLS, EAP-TTLS, EAP-FAST, etc. etc.
Plus there is the IEEE802 related MAC-layer security protocols.
There is no reason why one could not run EAP directly above IP.

If you are looking for a "network admission/control protocol" (which
includes the end-point authentication), then you should look
at the NAE (TNC) set of protocols in the IETF NEA WG.
Its vendor/proprietary counterpart is CNAC (Cisco) and NAP (Microsoft).


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