Use of Biometric data for Pre-authentication in Kerberos v5

Raymond Brown 0813082 at
Thu Sep 3 11:38:19 EDT 2009


I'm an MSc student currently doing a paper on using Biometric (fingerprint) data for pre-authentication in Kerberos v5. The proposal is for the client to be identified to the KDC using verified biometric output as pre-authentication data. I propose an extension to the existing protocol, which will obviously take into consideration recommendations in the current draft ' A Generalized Framework for Kerberos Pre-Authentication', such as FAST.  I propose adding the biometric authentication factor to the existing need for a password and would also propose an alternative option of replacing the password with a biometric input. 

Can anyone advise me if you are aware of any existing work being done on this subject matter that could possibly assist me or anyone interested who can provide useful guidance.

Your response will be much appreciated.

Ray Brown
MSc Computer Forensics and Security
University of Bedfordshire
email: 0813082 at

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