Kerberos service ticket issue!!!

Priya B priya9907 at
Wed Sep 2 10:28:46 EDT 2009

Hello everybody,

We are in the process of implementing Kerberos Authentication (Single
Sign On) using JAAS. We've been facing a problem to which we (and
everybody we've approached so far :) ) have no solution since many

We're trying to get the service ticket from the KDC but unable to.
(NOTE - The client and the service are in different realms.)

Java throws the following exception:
GSSException: No valid credentials provided (Mechanism level: Fail to
create credential. (63) - No service creds)

When we monitor the packets, we observed the below errors:

We have tried setting the Registry value as mentioned in the other
posts, but to no avail.

Any solution please? It would be gratefully appreciated !!

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