2009-002-patch.txt fails 'make check' in 'tests/asn.1' for krb-1.5.4

Mark T. Valites mvalites at buffalo.edu
Fri May 29 13:50:11 EDT 2009

On Thu, 28 May 2009, Tom Yu wrote:

> "Mark T. Valites" <mvalites at buffalo.edu> writes:
>> I recently tried to update our MIT krb5-1.5.4 install with the patches 
>> for the last two security advisories.
>> The 2009-001-patch.txt & 2009-002-patch.txt patches apply cleanly 
>> against the krb5-1.5.4 source & compile, but fail for 'make test'. The 
>> errors appear to be coming from 'tests/asn.1' & contain some of the 
>> content within the 2009-002-patch.txt patch. The tail end of the 'make 
>> test' output is below.
>> Has anyone else had luck patching 1.5.4 or have any suggestions for 
>> addressing this?
> There was a bug in the test case due to a change in the behavior of the 
> "free" functions.  I have updated the patch.

Thank you Tom. The updated patch works as expected in my environment.


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