question about apache mod_auth_kerb

Guillaume Rousse Guillaume.Rousse at
Thu May 28 03:43:54 EDT 2009

Douglas E. Engert a écrit :
>> The multiple attempts seems to result from the multiple resources 
>> fetched each time (html page, CSS stylesheets, icons...). However, why 
>> does the client (firefox here) apparently attempt to forward its 
>> ticket,   or to renew it each time it attempts to reconnect ?
> You may have told FireFox to do this.  Enter about:config and look for the
> network.negotiate-auth.delegation-uris     user set   string  
> This would sat to try and delegate to any website in
Indeed, I just followed blindly explanations found on the web without 
enquiring further about exact meaning of those configuration directives :(

Thanks for your help.
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