Racoon ipsec configuration with GSSAPI/kerberos

T. M. Pederson tmp+rnpc at echo.disfinite.org
Tue May 26 06:55:44 EDT 2009

In article <mailman.125.1243323208.9729.kerberos at mit.edu>,
	Anandan <anandhm_psg at yahoo.com> writes:
> Thanks for the information. I think this case will work between two linux
> machines.
> Is it possible to configure racoon with kerberos between a linux machine and
> a windows machine??

According to the documentation it's certainly possible. I don't
have access to any MS-Windows machines to offer much of any tips.

I will note, however, that while Racoon is capable of two gssapi id
encodings, MS-Windows can only handle one. Racoon is supposed to
default to using the same one that MS-Windows does, but if for some
reason it doesn't, explicitly set it in the general section of your
gss_id_enc utf-16le;
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