Issues starting kadmin on suse linux

Tadoori (EXT), Vilas vilas.tadoori.ext at
Thu May 21 08:50:47 EDT 2009

Dear All,

I  have downloaded the following version 

krb5-1.6.3-signed.tar from the consortium and was able to configure , make and install as per the install guide provided as per the steps below

make install

It installed fine, when I went to the /usr/local/sbin and started the ./kadmind

I get the following message 
kadmind: No such file or directory while initializing, aborting

The version of suse linux is as follows

SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server 9 (x86_64) - Kernel 2.6.5-7.244-default(2)

I have earlier installed it on 

SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server 9 (i586) - Kernel 2.6.5-7.97-smp (1).

And it is working fine....

I would be greatful if anyone would help me in resolving this issue.


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