NIS => Kerberos/LDAP Migration

Russ Allbery rra at
Tue May 19 13:52:35 EDT 2009

Hubert Chomette <hubert.chomette at> writes:

> So If I correctly understand, I've got two choice:
> - migrate my kdc to version 1.7 (I suppose you mean experimental,
> cause there is no major differents release between stable ans testing)
> / or use heimdal kerberos

It's not the KDC that's the issue, just the libraries for the client
systems where the PAM module would be running.  And yeah, sorry, it's
only in unstable so far.

> - make my own pam module using perl to send login/passwd with kadmin

You'll run into the same problem that the existing PAM module has unless
you run the kadmin command-line client with system(), which is going to
be tricky from an authentication perspective.

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