Solaris 8 Kerberos / Ldap Client Setup

Douglas E. Engert deengert at
Fri May 15 10:15:57 EDT 2009

I don't thing your problem is Kerberos, but rather nss and pam finding
the account. Could also be telnet issues too.

Matthew.GARRETT at wrote:
>  "Douglas E. Engert" <deengert at> wrote on 14/05/2009 20:13:25:
>> Matthew.GARRETT at wrote:
>>> Folks 
>>> I am trying to setup a Solaris 8 client to talk to Kerberos / Ldap 
> instead 
>>> of using NIS 
>>> Ldap works fine e.g getent passwd 
>>> Displays the LDAP Pasword entries 
>>> Kerberos: 
>>> Doing a kinit USERNAME , works fine if I am logged on to the console 
> as 
>>> root user 
>>> So would seem that /etc/krb/krb5.conf is configured correctly. 
>>> I have changed /etc/pam.conf to use krb5 
>>> other   password sufficient     /usr/lib/security/$ISA/ 
>>> other   password required       /usr/lib/security/$ISA/pam_krb5.
>> so.1 use_first_pass 
>>> # 
>  Adding debug does not seem to generate aany more details.
>> Try adding debug as a param on the above line.
>>> However when I try and login as a normal user /var/adm/authlog shows 
> the 
>>> following error's 
>>> May 14 17:20:48 bruce PAM: [ID 702575 auth.debug] pam_start(telnet ) - 
>>> debug = 1
>> First of all you should not use telnet, as the password maybe sent over
>> the network in the clear. Consider using ssh.
> Normaly we do use ssh but for testing turned on telnet
> In case ssh was causing problems.

>>> No account present for user
>> This says it can not find the account, so there is some issue with
>> the user account or the nsswitch.conf finding ldap, or how telnet is
>> passing in the username.
>> add debug options to the pam.conf entries.
>> We don't have any Solaris 8 anymore but when we did, we did not use the
>> Sun version of Kerberos or pam_krb5. We have uses MIT Kerberos and 
> various
>> pam_krb5 modules. (On Solaris 10 the Sun Kerberos, ssh and pam_krb5 
>> work well.)
> Now that bit is intersting , maybe Solaris 8 stock version of Kerberos is 
> broken.
> I will download the latest version and see if that makes any differance.

The Solaris 8 Kerberos may work fine in your situation. We where running Kerberos
long before Sun implemented it. Sun did not expose the API in 8 and 9.  We also
use Windows AD as the KDC, which if I recall had issues.  So we kept running the
MIT versions on 8 and 9.

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