pthreads/dlopen issue when building krb-1.6.3 on AIX 6.1? miguel.sanders at
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You should take a look at the config/shlib.conf
Apparently krb5-1.6.3 is not yet AIX6.1 aware.
Just alter the *-*-aix5*) on line 410 to f.e. *-*-aix*)

Should I file a bug report for this?

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Onderwerp: pthreads/dlopen issue when building krb-1.6.3 on AIX 6.1?

I'm attempting to build MIT Kerberos version 1.6.1 on AIX 6.1.  I'm mostly in need of the client libraries and utilities.

I'm using the following special additions to the build environment:

    $ export PTHREAD_LIBS="-lpthread"
    $ export RPATH_FLAG="-Wl,-brtl,-blibpath:"

I'm using the following ./configure command:

    $ ./configure --prefix=/usr/local/krb5-1.6.3
    --enable-log-preauth-logins --enable-login-print-issue
    --with-multihomed-fixes --enable-app-proxy --with-passive-mode-off

And I get the following results when I run it:

    configure: enabling thread support
    checking for pthread_join in LIBS=-lpthread with CFLAGS=... yes
    checking for joinable pthread attribute... unknown
    configure: WARNING: we do not know how to create joinable pthreads
    checking if more special flags are required for pthreads... -D_THREAD_SAFE
    checking for cc_r... cc_r
    configure: PTHREAD_CC = cc_r
    configure: PTHREAD_LIBS = -lpthread
    checking for pthread_once... yes
    checking for pthread_rwlock_init... yes
    configure: rechecking with PTHREAD_... options
    checking for pthread_rwlock_init in -lc... yes
    checking for library containing dlopen... none required
    checking keyutils.h usability... no
    checking keyutils.h presence... no
    checking for keyutils.h... no
    configure: disabling static libraries
    configure: WARNING: shared libraries not supported on this architecture
    configure: error: must enable one of shared or static libraries

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Many thanks,

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