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Mon May 11 03:58:07 EDT 2009

Hi folks

I'm struggling with the auth_to_local rule.
I want the principal root/samehost.some.domain at SOMEREALM to be mapped to the user root.
I created the following auth_to_local rule in krb5.conf
	auth_to_local = RULE:[2:$2/$1@$0](\/.*@SOMEREALM)s/\/.*@.*//

I wrote a sample test program in order to verify the authorization part:
#include <krb5.h>
#include <stdio.h>

int main(int argc, const char **argv){
        if (argc != 3) {
                fprintf(stderr,"Number of arguments incorrect\n");
                fprintf(stderr,"1) Kerberos Principal 2) Mapped Local User\n");
        krb5_context context;
        krb5_principal client;
        krb5_boolean logon;


        logon = krb5_kuserok(context, client, (char *)argv[2]);
        if (logon)
                fprintf(stdout,"Principal %s is authorized to login as user %s\n",(char *)argv[1],(char *)argv[2]);
                fprintf(stderr,"Principal %s is NOT authorized to login as user %s\n",(char *)argv[1],(char *)argv[2]);

        krb5_free_principal(context, client);

Unfortunately, my test program always says the following:

./krb5 root/samehost.some.domain at SOMEREALM root
Principal root/samehost.some.domain at SOMEREALM is NOT authorized to login as user root

What's wrong with my rule? The tranformation rule is correct AFAIK.

Thanks for your help!

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