C# Client and Java Server

Imig, Wolfgang w.imig at elo.com
Fri May 8 07:32:39 EDT 2009


we use the JASS to authenticate a Java client to a Java server (J2EE
The client calls GSSContext.initSecContext to generate an authentication
token and the server checks it by calling GSSContext.acceptSecContext.
This works fine.

Now, we want to authenticate a C# client (>= WindowsXP) to our server.
Thus some C# or C++ code has to replace the GSSContext.initSecContext. I
tried to obtain a Kerberos ticket using LsaCallAuthenticationPackage
with KERB_RETRIEVE_TKT_REQUEST. But the resulting ticket is not accepted
by the GSSContext.acceptSecContext. 

Does anyone know, how to obtain a Kerberos ticket in a C# or C++
application that is accepted by the JASS functions?


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