Sudo w/Ticket Support petesea at
Thu May 7 17:15:11 EDT 2009

On Thu, 7 May 2009, miguel.sanders at wrote:

> Afaik that's not available yet (however, you could integrate it yourself).


> But if you already obtained a TGT, why bother authenticating again?

Because sudo prompts me.   That's what I'm trying to avoid.  I'd like sudo 
to look at my ticket cache, see that I already have a valid TGT and give 
me access without being prompted for a password.

>> But not use just use NOPASSWD.
> Last sentence should have been : "Why not use NOPASSWD?"

Main reason for not setting NOPASSWD is because I don't have control over 
the sudoers file on most of the systems I have access to.  And the SA's 
are very reluctant to use "NOPASSWD".

I believe they just want that extra layer of protection in case a 
workstation is left unattended.

I do see what you mean though.  From a security standpoint, if sudo was 
capable of using an existing TGT, that doesn't seem like it would be too 
much different then using NOPASSWD in the sudoers file.

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