LDAP-Kerberos sync passwords

Adriana Gologaneanu adriana.gologaneanu at rcs-rds.ro
Tue Mar 31 03:13:14 EDT 2009

Debian Etch
- slapd: 2.3.30-5+etch2
- krb5-kdc: 1.4.4-7etch6

I just found with Lenny a plugin: krb5-kdc-ldap that allows the KDC data 
to be stored in an LDAP server.
Let me test it and I will give you a feedback.


Michael Ströder wrote:
> Adriana Gologaneanu wrote:
>> I'm using LDAP for authorization and Kerberos for authentication. The
>> workstations are configured with pam_krb5 module.
>> There is a way to sync passwords between LDAP and Kerberos? Both are on
>> same machine and the passwords to ldap db are sent in MD5 via a virtual
>> java machine. I can't do same with Kerberos cause there are no free java
>> libraries. Also, I want to avoid ssh connection between java machine and
>> LDAP/Kerberos server.
> Which LDAP server and which KDC are you using?
> Ciao, Michael.
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