clustered NFS - kerberos - mount failure

Chinmay P Soman chinmay.soman at
Thu Mar 26 02:59:15 EDT 2009


I am trying to configure a NFS server with kerberos support. The catch is, 
the NFS server is part of a cluster.  Therefore, all the client mounts are 
done using the 
cluster name and not the server name.

For eg:    Let  cluster name =     ,  server =


In this case, when my NFS client mounts as :
mount -o vers=3,sec=krb5 /mnt     =>  This 

mount -o vers=3,sec=krb5 /mnt     =>  This 

I am guessing the gssd daemon on the server side is creating a context for 
its localhost, which is =>

However, the request is meant for  Hence, it fails 
due to the mismatch.

Please clarify if my reasoning is correct. If yes, also please let me know 
a possible solution

Thanks and regards

Chinmay P Soman
ctdb/panache research activities, SoNAS
IBM India Systems & Technology Lab
Ozone-2, Saswad Road, Pune.
Tel : 91-020-26901666

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