Help with trying to setup a KDC Slave Matthew.GARRETT at
Fri Mar 20 06:11:04 EDT 2009


Thanks for pointing out my stupidly
DNS was the problem.

The file /etc/nsswitch.conf had NIS then DNS
So doing a gethostbyaddr returned the short name which was in NIS but not 
the FQDN from DNS
So change /etc/nsswitch.conf file to have DNS first.

kprop -d -f slavedump
8515 bytes sent.
Database propagation to SUCCEEDED



Ken Raeburn <rXXXXX at MIT.EDU> wrote on 19/03/2009 19:52:23:

> On Mar 19, 2009, at 12:45, Matthew.GARRETT at wrote:
> > DNS both forward and reverse work fine for the Slave KDC
> By "work fine", do you mean that when you look up 
> you get an address (or more than one), and 
> when you look up that address, you get back the name 
>  Or do you just mean you get a name back? 
> In the default configuration of the MIT code, the name you get back 
> from looking up the address is generally the name that'll be used in 
> constructing a principal name.
> Does your config file or DNS data indicate that 
> Check the log file on the KDC.  It should indicate some kprop/* 
> principal being looked up if the host name is coming out wrong, or 
> possibly some krbtgt/* principal if it's coming up with the wrong 
> realm name.
> Ken

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