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> Few questions before we go ahead :
> 1. What is your host server ? ( like windows server 2003 SP2 
> SE , EE ) 2. What is your ktpass version ?
> I have done quite an extensive exercise on this recently and 
> so please take care of following things :
> 1.Its very important you have the right version of ktpass on 
> right operating system .

How to check the version of ktpass? I typed "ktpass /?", but didn't find any option or switch to show its version number. My Kerberos server is the same as LDAP server, both integrated into ADS in the same machine ( with OS as Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition 5.2.3790, with Service Pack 1, Build 3790.

> 2. Please use right options with ktpass .

Could you give me some suggestions on the correct usage of ktpass command? Did I miss anything in the following command?
       C:> ktpass princ ldap/ at SESSWIN2003.COM -mapuser <what_should_i_put_here> pass <what_should_i_put_here> out ldap.keytab"?
I am looking forward to your help.

Thanks a lot,
Xu Qiang

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