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>> Did you try command-line option -A when invoking kinit as I 
>> suggested in my previous posting? It seems you probably 
>> should read a bit more about how Kerberos works especially 
>> regarding ticket types. There are tons of docs out there.
> Yes, I have tried the option -A. Originally I was using "kinit -f ...". Now I am using "kinit -f -A ...". As far as I know, the option -A is "do not include addresses". I can't see any gain here. After using -A option, the error msg is still "82 Local error" when doing SASL binding.
>>From Google, I can only get a small number of materials on how to create a service principal under Windows 2003 Server. But they are all somewhat ambiguous, and I still can't figure out how to create a keytab file for LDAP client's use.

Start with:
Then look for ksetup program and 2003.
Also look at Samba for net join and windbind  and also look for msktutil.
Solaris has a script to do this

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