gss_display_status question

Tom Anderberg tdanderberg at
Mon Mar 16 16:50:18 EDT 2009

Hi all,

I work on a security library that provides access to Kerberos through
GSS-API. We are trying to log Kerberos errors using gss_display_status. We
have noticed that the same error code can, at different times, produce
either a helpful or an unhelpful error message. Sometimes this seems to
depend on the Kerberos operations that have been performed.

For example:
    - Call gss_display_status with 0x96c73a22 and get "Unknown code krb5 34"
    - Then call gss_acquire_cred (doesn't matter if it succeeds or fails)
    - Repeat the initial call to gss_display_status and get "Request is a

However, there are platforms (such as Linux) where we always just get
"Unknown code".

Is there something that we need to do to initialize Kerberos before calling
gss_display_status? Or is there some other explanation?



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