Using Smartcard with PK-INIT does not respond

John Hascall john at
Wed Mar 4 13:11:41 EST 2009

> > Mar 04 07:04:13 server krb5kdc[18148](info): AS_REQ (7 etypes {18 17 16
> > 23 1 3 2}) KDC_RETURN_PADATA: user at EXAMPLE.COM for
> > krbtgt/EXAMPLE.COM at EXAMPLE.COM, Cannot allocate memory

> > There is no memory crunch on the server.

> After a quick glance at the code, I don't see where ENOMEM is returned
> in cases where it wasn't an allocation error.  If you have output from
> -DDEBUG, that might give us a clue of the problem.

Typically I find this happens where something has previously gone 
amiss and "malloc" gets passed some absurd number.


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