fetching a TGT for service principal

Nikhil Mishra nikhilm at gs-lab.com
Tue Mar 3 01:53:13 EST 2009

Hi All ,

I have recently developed this issue while configuring
microsoft KDC in mixed environments.

My environment is  unix client and server  and windows
server 2003 KDC .

I have registered an SPN  unix/a.b.c.d under a user unix1
in windows KDC .
I fetch a keytab using ktpass  standard hotfix and I am sure
its not corrupt.
I was able to fetch a TGT for this service principal sometime
back using ,

kinit  -kt  unix.keytab unix/a.b.c.d

I did some reconfigurations on windows DC and I am not
able to fetch this TGT anymore . I am getting following error

when this command runs , Although I am able to fetch a service
ticket for this principal at the same time using kvno.

We are able to fetch a TGT for a service principal on MIT KDC.
Is it not allowed on windows ? but , I was able to fetch a TGT before
I am not sure If I was looking at something else ?

Any help is appreciated .



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